Pawillion is a space for collaboration based in Lviv (Western Ukraine). It aims to become a focal point for entrepreneurship and innovation in Lviv. Pawillion creates an enabling environment for entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation:

  • Community - a network of professionals open for collaboration
  • Physical space - coworking premises in a historical park
  • Business platform - support for business links and funding
  • Virtual space - trusted virtual collaboration

Community – Pawillion will cater for IT projects teams, software developers, designers, producers, project managers, trainers, media professionals, editors, small business owners etc.

Premises – A 900 sq. m building located in a historical park in central Lviv is being fully reconstructed to host Pawillion Coworking. Over hundred years ago it served as a pavillion for large national Expo (thus the name Pawillion).

Business platform – Support for business networks, fastening access to additional funds, opportunities to improve your skills and getting new knowledge through regular professional events.

Virtual space – We provide online platform for ideas and thoughts exchange.


Pawiillion is looking for speakers and trainers. Entrepreneurs, researchers, experts, - those who have knowledge to share and interest in bringing this knowledge to new places.
We can cover your travel expenses (with Wizzair from Barcelona / Dortmund / Milan / Rome / Venezia to Lviv and return) and costs of stay in Lviv (2 days normally between the to and return flights). Showing around the city we are proud of is of course included.
We want you to deliver or participate in an event in the Pawillion format. We promote the event and organise the logistics of the event.
We hope new links will emerge and collaboration will start.


Events in the format of the specialised training seminars. Audience - 15-30 participants. Participants gain specific skills, knowledge, competences. Duration - up to one full day. Monthly on Saturday.


Events in the format of an open lecture followed by Q&A and networking. P:Keynote are delivered by experts from different fields of knowledge of interest to the Pawillion audience. Audience - up to 100 participants. Duration - 2h. Bi-monthly on Tuesdays.


The format is a moderated discussion of 2-4 experts on a topic of interest to the Pawiilion audience. Open, entertaining and insightful. Networking after the event. Audience - up to 50 participants. Duration - 2h. Bi-monthly on Fridays.

Business Modelling

Interactive training session on business modeling using the business canvas methodology. A particular business or an industry are used as focal points. An expert from the industry provides feedback on the participants’ work. Audience - up to 30 participants. Duration - 3h. Monthly on Thursday.


Complex learning programme in specific field. Duration differs from few days to few weekly sessions. Learning programmes will be held by relevant experts. Programme foresees gaining of practical skills, getting certificates, solid learning materials.


The format foresees engagement of interesting external events to be organized at our venue. Our partners and colleagues are welcome to organize their related professional events in Pawillion.


Closed events for the Pawillion members which are mostly thematic and are hosting one speaker and one moderator. The format also foresees the presentations of Pawillion speakers. Despite event is closed, main videos from the presentations will be available on the web site.


This format foresees three 20-min presentations on social, economic or cultural topics. Presentations may be not interrelated. The main task of speakers is to speak simply on complicated topics. The main purpose of this format is to intensify the internal and external communication of the Pawillion community.

We are open to collaboration and new ideas. Please send us your ideas regarding the formats and topics of the events for consideration.


Already from the first half of 2016 Pawillion will modern and cosy workplaces, both for individuals and for the team work. It will be a comfortable space, equipped with everything necessary for efficient project work, negotiations, and business meetings. Pawillion team is working to make the schedule of the co-working space flexible and comfortable for your particular needs.

Lounge zone in Pawillion will be designed in a way to promote an atmosphere of creative collaboration and business partnership. All members of the Pawillion Community will have the opportunity to attend Pawillion events, as well as participate in special events for members.

Organize your workspace efficiently and leave your contact to us. We will inform you as soon we begin to sell the entry passes.


Taras Bodnar

Taras Bodnar

development of the architectural project and space solutions, design of the physical space.

Volodymyr Vorobey

Volodymyr Vorobey

concept development, business-planning and business modeling, business processes specification.

Ross Sokolovskyi

Ross Sokolovskyi

design of the virtual space


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