Co-creation: How a Public Event Has Changed a Design Project

There were rather low expectations about the outcomes of the June 13th open air event (picnique-style) we (Pawillion team) hosted near the building of the would-be collaboration space Pawillion. What we did expect was a lot of critical comments about the initial design for the Pawillion building. It is located in the historical park (Stryisky

19.08.2014 | Воробей Володимир

Start of Pawillion Space Co-creation

On June 13 (exactly on Friday 13th) we have arranged an open air event near the would-be Pawillion venue in Stryiskiy Park. The Pawillion team presented the Pawillion business concept and the draft visual layout of the planned venue reconstruction. Open discussion about the concept, the reconstruction layout and the need for new spaces followed.

16.06.2014 | Воробей Володимир

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