Start of Pawillion Space Co-creation

On June 13 (exactly on Friday 13th) we have arranged an open air event near the would-be Pawillion venue in Stryiskiy Park. The Pawillion team presented the Pawillion business concept and the draft visual layout of the planned venue reconstruction. Open discussion about the concept, the reconstruction layout and the need for new spaces followed.

Taras has voiced those ideas that had underpinned the project, – importance of linking the space with surrounding park, fluidity of the space inside the Pawillion to encourage interaction and engagement among the residents, structural tweaks that would enable the current building to almost double its useful floor space without risking shortcuts around the planning rules. As the site is located in the historical park in Lviv city centre, we are aware of the need to stick to the existing building (structural) volume. Though the building is not listed, we do recognize the need to preserve some of the architectural elements of the building, e.g. carvings on the exterior. The site was built in early XX century as the actual pavilion for the Polish Expo, i.e. it served as an exhibition space. Obviously, setting up a coworking space puts a different function on the site, – and requiring respective changes. Yet, these changes have to be well thought-through, with respect to the environment, fit-for-purpose and creating a new landmark for the city. For all those reasons and more, we are putting for the public a visual concept of the planned Pawillion reconstruction (pdf). Though the file is in Ukrainian, there are mostly self-explanatory visuals. We also kindly invite ideas, opinions and insights for the Pawillion reconstruction – Pawillion facebook group serves as a platform for discussion.

Creating new identities means changing old ones, – and there is often understandable resistance. Balancing future needs with respect for history is exactly the process the Pawillion is currently going through.
Join – follow – engage.

16.06.2014 | Воробей Володимир